Adobe Partners with YouTube Spaces for Content Creators

Adobe's video editing tools are not only an industry standard, but also the tools creators most often chose to create. Therefore, the colaboration between Adobe and YouTube Space only makes sense.

“Creators are eager to uplevel their skills and increase the quality of their video production. This partnership with Adobe offers them another avenue to do this. YouTube Spaces bring together the most creative people on YouTube to learn, connect, and create. Spaces and Pop-ups can be found across the globe offering events, coworking, and workshops, as well as the latest production resources to help bring creators and artists ideas to life. We look forward to bringing Adobe’s expertise to our creators globally.”

Sarah Ellenbogen, Head of YouTube Space Global Partnerships

The Adobe and YouTube Space collaboration will provide creators with the skills to grow their brands and audiences, as well as carving out an income from their content.

With tools from Adobe being better than ever before- with Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects- creators can bring their vision to life better than ever before.

Check out this video from Adobe below.

Check out this article from Adobe HERE

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