Adobe Premiere Pro Basic Tutorial

Get started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC with this basics tutorial from FStoppers. We offer Premiere Pro CC Annual subscriptions and expert advice when you need it!

Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC Doesn't Have to Be an Affair, Follow Along With This Tutorial [NSFW]

From FStoppers by Ryan Mense For beginners, Adobe Premiere Pro CC can cause some shocking surprises when you open up the door to this editing powerhouse. There’s a wall of emotions from the many menus, options, and panels and it can feel like maybe there’s another person who could work with this program much better than you. Luckily, we have Billy the Tutorial Guy here to show us some basic editing techniques for getting the release we need making beautiful family home movies....[continue reading full tutorial] Note: Because of the language in this video, it is marked as NSFW.

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