Adobe Premiere Pro CC and The GoPro CineForm Codec: Video Production in An Ultra HD World

Adobe by David Helmly

UltraHD is here to stay as more and more consumers demand content that makes them feel like they are part of an experience. Some analysts think that by the end of 2018, 10% of American households will have 4K capable TVs and by the end of 2024, that number could reach 50%. That means that it?s up to us, as content creators, to start getting comfortable with editing in 4K and 5K?or even 6K?to create Ultra HD content to meet this increasing demand.

The tools we need to shoot, edit and distribute this content are more important than ever. And, because it is not uncommon for a project that just took a few days of shooting to result in one or two terabytes of hard drive space, these big files need powerful software?not to mention bigger hard drives?that can edit the footage without choking.

Compressing Ultra HD with the GoPro CineForm Codec

Although Adobe has been a leader in the ability to edit Ultra HD footage natively within Premiere Pro CC, we realize, when it comes time to working with Ultra HD, that compressing your file format can help your workflow.

The CineForm codec has been around for a long time and I?ve used it for years. It?s a great finishing codec that provides faster editing without sacrificing image quality. In 2011, GoPro made a camera that supports small formats yet delivers high resolutions. They later acquired CineForm and its codec, known as the GoPro CineForm Codec; with the most recent release of Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, and Adobe Media Encoder CC we?re making it available to you as part of your Creative Cloud subscription. read more...

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