Adobe Premiere Pro Tech Tip: How to Export a 90-Minute Feature Film

Tackling a long video project in Premiere Pro? The following article give 8 pro tips specifically for video projects that are longer than 90 minutes. Tweaking your settings and fleshing out a workflow will save you time and heartache. Do you have enough RAID storage muscle to help you power through your footage? If not, check out our storage guide for video editing or give us a call to discuss RAID storage options. From

For filmmakers, there may not be a golden moment more exciting and nerve-racking than finishing your feature film edit and finally exporting it to share with the world. However, unlike most commercial, corporate, and short films, a feature film (90 minutes or longer) requires different settings and higher stakes.

As you might imagine, feature film exports can take a long, long time. And when you’re up against the clock to get a project online or submitted to a festival, if you do it wrong, you’ll be lose hours and hours taking another shot at it. So, to calm your nerves, let’s look at some best practices for exporting a feature film in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Work Sequence by Sequence

When tackling major projects with lots of sections and files, it’s usually best to divide and conquer. If you know your feature well, you should be able to work out the film scene by scene with just the files from those shoots. Ideally, you can find ways to organize and maybe even do rush edits on set during production or immediately after. Working sequence by sequence will help you trim the fat as you get each section as clean as more

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