Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial: Achieve Professional Results Faster

Enjoy these Premiere Pro editing tips and trick from long-time users in this tutorial series. Learn about color calibrating your footage, encoding and publishing your video, working with RAW files and secondary color corrction. In the second tutorial, learn about syncing audio and video and workflow for faster video editing. Really good stuff for new editors and others willing to learn new tricks! From Adobe Creative Cloud

Join Filmmaker Eric Addison on Adobe Live as he teaches us how to achieve professional results faster and take our storytelling further with the most recent updates to Premiere Pro CC! Today, Eric will focus on real world Premiere Pro workflows. If you want to learn how to edit and produce finished videos super quickly, stay tuned!

Eric Addison is the owner of 100 ACRE FILMS. He’s also the manager of the San Diego Premiere Pro user group. In his free time he works on various scripts and watches movies.

The newest release to Premiere Pro CC introduces features that automate color, graphics and audio tasks such as video comparison with color matching, better graphics workflows and streamlined collaboration.

Intro: 1:30 Teaser video: 4:30 How to calibrate the colors of your footage: 33:20 How to encode your video and publish it: 41:47 Working with DNG (RAW) files in Premiere: 1:14:57 How to use HSL secondary color correction: 1:30:03

►Click HERE for part 2.

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