Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial for Multicam Editing

PremierePro-Multicam-1000x576One of the strenghts of Adobe Premiere Pro is it's versatility and performance for muticam editing. This makes it an excellent choice for live event videographers, reality TV and scripted productions. In this well done tutorial you'll learn how easy and straightforward the Premiere Pro Multicam workflow is when you get it set up right from the beginning.
Rocketstock by Neil Matsumoto Quickly create a multicam workflow using this quick technique in Premiere Pro.

Most people tend to associate multicam editing with live event shooting, but with the low cost of high-quality digital cameras, a filmmaker can capture a scene from a multitude of angles. But when working with your individual shots in post, it can be difficult to cut together a scene that will appear coherent, especially if there is a character speaking.

A multicam workflow is: action is shot with multiple cameras and synced and edited in sequence during post. Whether it’s a roundtable discussion with a CEO and his or her lieutenants, or a frenetic action sequence shot with three GoPros, a multicam workflow will save you a ton of time in the edit suite.

Instead of laying your master shot down and trying to find appropriate b-roll footage that might not match to create a good transition, each cut can be entirely seamless. Multicam editing has a more polished look and feel. Adobe Premiere Pro 2015 offers multicam editing tools that are both efficient and intuitive.

The Process

Once your clips are imported, you need to find and highlight two or more clips of a single shot. If one of your shots has the master audio and you weren’t recording an individual audio track, you highlight this clip first, Right Click, and choose Multi Camera Source Sequence. read more...

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