Adobe Premiere Pro Update

Hey Adobe editors! Find out about the newest features in Adobe Premiere Pro just in time for NAB 2018. Here's a roundup of new features from an article posted on ProVideoCoalition. Comparison view, Color Match, and Timecode are discussed, and more:
adobe premiere pro update"...A hugely important addition is the ability to count timecode in different formats. This is a much needed feature for things like broadcast television where editors often need to see and count timecode in 29.97 drop frame even though they are offlining in native frames rates like 23.98. Off timecode counts are displayed in yellow. ....There’s another button in Comparison View called Shot or Frame Comparison that can actually be used a good bit beyond just color matching and color grading. It functions, as far as I can tell, with most anything in the timeline so if you want to see a change in a graphics element then you can use Shot or Frame Comparison to tweak text and graphics before committing to those more

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