Adobe Premiere Pro Video Tutorial: Bring in Photoshop Files

Looking for help using Photoshop to import graphics or photos into your editing projects in Premiere Pro CC? This is a tutorial for you. Simple to follow and super useful! From

Premiere Pro works particularly well with other software applications from Adobe’s Creative Suite. Premiere users can dynamically link compositions from After Effects, edit audio clips in Audition, import complex image files from Illustrator and Photoshop, and queue and export sequences in Media Encoder. All of these programs work well together, allowing you to create whatever kind of content your heart desires.

Premiere works notably well with Photoshop, giving users a number of different ways to import layered .psd files. You can even open an image in Photoshop directly within Premiere. Since many video editors often work with photographs, it makes sense that the two programs would work together seamlessly.

Let’s take a closer look in this video more

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