Adobe Story Online Scriptwriting Solution Reviewed

Videomaker by Mark Montgomery

Keep your eye on Adobe Story as it matures into a polished application and is integrated with the Adobe Production bundle.

Adobe Story is a simple scriptwriting application with plenty of key features that makes it a great tool for video producers. The current version is in beta, meaning that it's available for free on its Labs website ( Adobe intends to fold this application into its Production bundle in the future with some clever integrations. As for now, Adobe Story works both as an online web application and an offline application.

Writing Online or Offline
Adobe Story uses the AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) framework, allowing the application to be used with a standard web browser. This means there's no download required, although you do need to have Flash Player version 10. You can point your browser to the web application and start working on your script after creating a free Adobe account. The online nature of Adobe Story means that you can also collaborate with other writers or reviewers of your script. And, if you want to work in the offline environment (let's say you need that quiet getaway to focus on your writing), the web application can be downloaded and installed on your machine. When you return to civilization, your scripts will be synced back online the next time you log into the online application. It's a rather innovative approach to how applications behave that provides much more flexibility in the way you write and review your scripts. read more...

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