Adobe Ups Their Commitment to Video Pros

The guys from Premiere Bro blog sit down with Adobe's Group Product Manager and get into the stuff that matters to Video Pros. Read on to get a glimpse of the future of Premiere Pro CC and more. Ready to renew your Premiere Pro CC subscription? Get it here. premiere-pro-cc-2017-640x360

An Interview with Adobe's Steve Forde on Innovation and Prioritization In a post Final Cut Pro 7 world, video editors are concerned about the integrity and longevity of their editing software. Like modern rock n’ roll, technology is making it easy for post-production software manufacturers to “sell out” by prioritizing consumer accessibility over professional functionality. In the wake of the Creative Cloud 2017 release, Adobe’s Steve Forde assures Premiere Pro CC users that Adobe is steadfastly sold out for video professionals. This interview took place on Day 3 of Adobe Video World 2016, also known as “Adobe Day” because the entire day is hosted by Adobe product managers, designers and engineers. In a closing keynote titled “A Look to the Future”, Steve Forde shared Adobe’s vision for Premiere Pro CC, and its integration with other Creative Cloud video and audio tools. The content of his presentation was under NDA, but here’s a spoiler summary anyway: there won’t be an “Adobe Premiere Pro X” anytime soon. That’s because Adobe is committed to video professionals; they are the lifeblood of Adobe’s innovation and prioritization. Steve Forde is the Group Product Manager - Products, Professional Video and Audio.
[My job is] Painting the strategy of what we're doing and what we're trying to accomplish as a business.
Steve is on a team of three people who oversee Adobe’s video products, services and partners. Steve is responsible for products, which means all of the Creative Cloud video applications. It’s up to Steve and his team of product managers to anticipate video industry trends, and make sure Adobe’s video tools remain innovative...[continue reading]

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