Adobe User Story: Kylie Flavell

Kylie-Flavell-LondonAdobe has published another really good Creative Cloud user story. Kylie produces travel TV shows on YouTube, with over 1.5 Million viewers per episode. She does it all. She's the talent, the shooter, the director, the producer and the editor. The reason she can do it all is Adobe Premiere Pro and the Adobe Creative Cloud! Adobe Blogs by Meagan Keane Kylie Flavell, intoxicated by possibility Adobe: Tell us about your background. Flavell: I’m Australian and worked as a magazine editor and publisher. One day I decided to quit my job and run away to live in Italy. While there are people who say life can’t be like it is in the movies, I say yes it can! My generation is the luckiest ever, because literally all we’re limited by is our imagination, and I take that to the extreme. I wanted to live a more cinematic life, so I ran away to live in Rome, learned the language, and started a magazine. Then I got the idea to do a travel TV show that was cinematic and real. But when I pitched the idea I met with a lot of rejection. I finally got a production company to let me do a pilot of a road trip from Milan to Sicily, with me as the producer and host. The show When Patrick Met Kylie: A Love (of Food) Story sold into 68 countries and got picked up by National Geographic and Discovery. Adobe: What challenges did you face producing the show? Flavell: The film crews, editors, and production people were mostly just working to pay the bills. I wanted to do more. Just because it’s television doesn’t mean we can’t make it really beautiful and experiment more. In the film industry people revere the creativity in feature films and short films, but in TV people talk about formats that need to be followed. I completely disagree. All of the wonderful ways you can get content today are so exciting. After completing that first show I decided to forget the old TV model and make a show from start to finish on my own. read more...

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