Adventures in Editing, and Why Adobe takes a Bite out of Apple.

by Doug Luberts

Hey folks… Bit a bit of a while since I’ve last typed here, things have been happily busy, and I’ve been working on a few new, and very cool, projects.

A few weeks ago I got hired to edit the second season of a talk-format web series. The hosts/producers are both friends and professional colleagues for whom I have a great deal of respect, so it’s the best of all worlds. More on the specifics in a couple of weeks, when the first episode hits the InterWebz.

Among the other opportunities the new gig has provided was in being able to decide the editing platform, as my producers were very open to options. After a bit of thinking the most logical decision, and the best for the show, was to edit in Adobe Premiere CC.

Again, a news/talk format, the show lends itself towards a visual style with a decent amount of motion graphics, so After Effects and Photoshop integration was highly desirable, also, since this will be an “all-online” workflow, and I will be finishing the show, good color and audio tool integration was also a consideration.

The main contenders were Avid Media Composer 7, Final Pro Cut 7, Final Cut X (10.1), and Adobe Premiere CC. A few words on each:

I didn’t want to fight the rigidity of an Avid workflow… Avid is an industrial-strength tool and, I feel, works best for large shows involving heavy media management, a collaborative environment, and tasks that require passing the project off to a number of departments. Sure, it will work well on small, one-editor, shows, but while Avid has come a long way, it is still the most rigid of NLE’s for creative editing. read more...

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