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On today's Videoguys Live webinar, Gary Bettan covers some of the best solutions when it comes to getting started in live streaming, and affordable products in today's streaming landscape.  We go into some great workflows for different applications, and some excellent bundles at an affordable price, that can get the job done!
Check out the webinar below.

Why Start Live Streaming?

Live Streaming is a great solution to connect one person or a group of people with a larger audience in real time.  It's also a great way to boost audience participation and engagement, allowing streamers to bring a meaningful message to their audience. This can include Church Services streaming to a congregation (or any similar house of worship set up), Class rooms and Educators streaming to students, corporations streaming to remote employees, or sports broadcasters reaching a broader audience.

Another major caveat to live streaming is that social distancing and the current state of the world have made it all the more necessary, and it is here to stay.  2020 was the year that live streaming came to prominence out of necessity, but 2021 will be the year it is perfected for the future, as it becomes a greater norm in multiple industries.   

Basics of Streaming

Possible Connections:

Your connections will be your method of having your devices, such as your cameras and switchers, to communicate with each other.  There are three basic types of connections in the streaming space.  

  • HDMI- Connections typically over a short distance, and perhaps the most common, fitting into most workflows.
  • SDI- A more secure method of connecting devices, especially over long runs covering great distances.
  • NDI- A method of connecting sources over a local network, often over a single ethernet cable. 

Basic Streaming Glossary: 

Here are some terms to help understand what is needed and what you might run into when getting started streaming.

  • Switcher- Any device that can pull in and mix multiple camera feeds
  • Encoder- A device that sends your stream to a CDN destination (H.264 to RTMP for live streaming to any CDN)​
  • CDN- Content Delivery Network like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, Ect.​
  • PTZ- Pan, Tilt, Zoom motion​
  • Capture Device- Used to bring your image into a workflow system​
  • Video Conferencing- Zoom, Teams, Skype, Google Meets, ETC​
  • Latency- The delay between what is happening Live and when your audience sees it

Advanced Streaming Glossary: 

These terms are ones you should have a greater understanding of, the more you stream.

  • H.264- Standard streaming compression
  • HVEC/ H.265- Higher compression with same quality. This Doubles your bandwidth and doubles your resolution
  • Data rate- minimum 25 upload, 50 is better
  • SRT- Secure, low latency IP video over public internet

Affordable Live Streaming Encoders:

One major component of any stream is your encoder.  Your stream is only as good as the capabilities and processing power of your encoder.  It's worth noting that some encoders have on board switchers, but not all.

YoloLiv YoloBox:

YoloBox is the world's most affordable,​Easy to Use, ​All-In-One, Multi-Camera Live Streaming, Encoding, Switching, Recording & Monitoring Solution ​that comes in the form of a tablet that fits in the palm of your hand.

Learn more about YoloBox HERE.

RGBLink Mini and Mini+

These switchers bring in up to four HDMI inputs, chroma key and picture in picture capabilities, and PTZ camera control is found in the Mini+.  We also feature a great demo of this unit on todays show, utilizing PTZ control.

Learn more about RGBLink HERE.

Matrox Monarch HD:

The Matrox Monarch series of devices are a great answer for those looking to stream and record in full HD simultaneously.  The entry level is the Matrox Monarch HD at $995.

Learn more about Matrox HERE.

Wowza Clearcaster Micro:

Clearcaster Micro is a Custom built hardware encoder with preloaded Wowza Cloud Orchestration software with a 1-year subscription.​  This is a great device to pair with your switcher, to ensure a smooth stream. 

Learn more about the Clearcaster Micro HERE.

Epiphan Pearl Nano:

The Pearl Nano is the latest in the popular Epiphan Pearl family, joining the Pearl Mini and Pearl-2.  Pearl Nano is a one channel encoder, featuring SDI, HDMI, XLR and RCA inputs.  

Learn more about the Pearl Nano HERE.

Affordable Mixers from Roland:

  • Roland V-1HD+: Elevate your creative production process with versatile I/O, a familiar user interface, deep control, and essential monitoring tools that help keep your content looking great and sounding perfect.
    Learn more about the V-1HD+ HERE
  • Roland VR-1HD: Roland’s VR-1HD lets you broadcast dynamic multi-camera livestreams, complete with amazing picture and sound that easily outshines ‘standard’ livestreams from a mobile phone or static webcam. 
    Learn more about the Roland VR-1HD HERE.

LiveU Solo:

Broadcast Live from anywhere with the LiveU Solo Premium Video Encoder. Using cellular bonding, create your own MiFi Network, allowing you to stream without WiFi from even the most challenging locations. 

Affordable Video Capture Devices

Capture devices are used to convert your HDMI or SDI signal into USB.  This makes them perfect for bringing a traditional camera into a stream as a webcam.  

PTZ Cameras

Videoguys carries a great number of PTZ Cameras from PTZOptics, BirdDog, Panasonic and NewTek.  We have several recommendations for great PTZ Cameras to get started with. 

  • PTZOptics 20X SDI PTZ Camera: This PTZ Camera features SDI and HDMI outputs at 1080p HD video output and 60/50 FPS.  The price comes in at $1,699.
    Learn more about the PTZOptics 20X SDI HERE.
  • Panasonic AW-UE4: This camera from Panasonic is an EPTZ camera with virtual PTZ capabilities rather than mechanical.  This 4K Camera features USB and HDMI outputs, with 111 degree wide angle field of view.  It also includes PoE or USB power options. 
    Learn more about the UE4 HERE.
  • BirdDog Eyes P100: The BirdDog Eyes P100 features USB, HDMI, SDI and NDI outputs and a 10X optical Zoom.  It shoots in 1080p60 and a Sony sensor onboard. 
    Learn more about the P100 HERE.

Affordable Bundles:

This webinar we also got to show off some great options for affordable bundles and setups.  Check out some of these great options below.

  1. Stream from ANYWHERE when you add cellular bonding: Take the HDMI out from the YoloBox, RGBLink Mini+ or a Roland Switcher, and bring it into the LiveU Solo to get everything yo need to stream from anywhere.  
  2. Take advantage of YoloBox's USB input for an additional webcam or EPTZ Source: This can include USB cameras like the HuddleCamHD EPTZ Webcam, Panasonic AW-UE4, PTZOptics Webcam 80 or the BirdDog Eyes P100.
  3. Take advantage of the YoloBox SD Card Slot or USB port to add graphics or images: With Angelbird SD cards, Prograde SD Cards, Sandisk SD cards, or the LaCie Rugged SSD. 

  4. RGBLink Mini+ and PTZ Cameras: The RGBLink Mini+ can be combined with PTZ Cameras like the PTZOptics 20X SDI or the BirdDog Eyes P100 to create a bundle with PTZ Control. 
  5. Use the HDMI out from the RGBLink Mini+ to Incorporate Graphics ​and Lower Thirds, as well as Expand the Inputs in YoloBox: Take the HDMI out from the RGBLink Mini+ and feed the Program out into the YoloLiv YoloBox to stream.

Check out the Webinar on YouTube HERE.

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