AG-CX350 Ver. 3.02 Firmware Update Brings P2 HD Codecs and V-Log

The Panasonic AG-CX350 is a very popular camcorder from Panasonic that shoots in full 4K, and can utilize NDI technology to create a high quality 1080p stream as well. The camera is packed with features, and with the latest update, it is capable of even more!

P2 HD Formats

The latest update to the CX350 includes P2 HD AVC-Intra 50/100/200.  This is a perfect setting for those using the camera for news recording.  Panasonic as a company has a long history of support for file based recording, and this camcorder is no different.  

The P2 HD Formats support Material Exchange Format Wrapper- which is supported by most major NLE programs.  

V-Log Is Here

 V-Logs inclusion in this update means new dimension for the CX350.  This feature is perfect for documentary filmmakers.  V-Log makes it easier for filmmakers to match various cinema outputs.  

Check out this full article to learn more.

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