An Editblog software review: Avid Media Composer 3

By Scott Simmons


To sum up … Avid Media Composer 3 is a must update for Avid users. The speed alone makes it worth the price of admission. There are a number of upgrade options from early versions of Media Composer as well as Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Xpress DV. If you choose the download option there is also a download-able bundle of the 3rd party applications that come in the boxed version for $195. That’s worth it as you get Sorenson Squeeze and Avid FX, two applications that make the suite much more worthwhile. So if you are an Avid user grab your checkbook and get version 3.

The first thing you’ll notice about Avid Media Composer 3.0 is the … icons. That’s right, for all of the longtime Avid users out there the iconic icon of the little weightlifter there on the z key known as “lift” … is gone. read more...

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