Announcing the Netflix Post Technology Alliance

At IBC this year Netflix announced their new "Netflix Post Technology Alliance." This makes it so that artists can spend their energy on what matters most the storytelling. To learn more about what this means check out the article below.


f you’ve been walking around Hall 12 at IBC 2018 you’ve probably noticed a new Netflix logo that a few manufacturers have placed around their booth proudly announcing they are part of a new initiative. I saw the new Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo at the Canon booth around the C700 cameras and C300 II cameras they had on display, and the Panasonic stand around their Varicam LT/35 and EVA1 cameras.

For most of us in the camera/acquisition world IBC 2018 mainly revolves around stands in the Halls 10-12, but as I have come to realize after attending the exhibition a few years in a row, cameras and things that go on them or under them represent a rather small portion of the overall exhibition. And it makes sense, after all this is a broadcast show and there is a vast number of service providers and manufacturers of broadcast widgets that are totally beyond the scope of my understanding.

On-demand content creation and in particular such created for the purposes of online streaming on major platforms such as Amazon and Netflix has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years at a very fast pace so naturally, it makes sense for Netflix to announce their new Post Technology more

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