Apple Final Cut Pro 10.4 and iMac Pro released! A winning combination!!

We've put together a bunch of articles about the new Apple Final Cut Pro 10.4 and iMac Pro all-in-one workstation for content creators from some of our favorite websites. Our take is simple:
  1. FCPX has come a long way baby. Love the new tools especially color grading and 360 VR video editing. FCPX is growing into a beast of an NLE and it's not even close to reaching it's full potential.
  2. iMac Pro too little, too late and way to expensive and not expandable. We all begged Apple for this 3 years ago. Today there are all-in-one workstations from Microsoft, Dell & HP that deliver more power, performance, features and expandability. But, and it's a big but, they are Windows, not Macs ;-)
  3. FCP 10.4 and iMac Pro are a winning combination. They are clearly optimized for eachother and for todays 4K workflows and beyond. If you've got $7500 to $10 grand you can configure a very powerful editing solution.
But don't just take our word for it. Read all the articles below and decide for yourself. Videomaker: Final Cut Pro 10.4 is Now Available Today is a pretty big day for Apple. Besides releasing their newest workstation, the iMac Pro, they also have released a major update to Final Cut Pro 10.4 that could make it so more useful to videographers. The update gives Final Cut 360° VR and HDR, along with new color grading tools. Apple Releases the iMac Pro with a $4,999 Price Tag Being released alongside new updates for Final Cut Pro, Apple’s newest workstation, the iMac Pro, looks to be a powerful desktop that is designed just for professionals who edit video and graphics and create VR content. But it's pretty expensive, with its base price starting at $4,999 and that number only increases as you configure its other options, making its maximum price reach over $13,000. Apple Release Final Cut Pro 10.4, Motion 5.4, and Compressor 4.4 Updates The updates we have been waiting for are finally here. We take a look a the new features of Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor and put the software through some tests. We publish information on the new features, the test results, the recommendations and the gotchas. Studio Daily: What’s in the New iMac Pro, and Is It a Good Buy? The iMac Pro is now on sale, with 8-core and 10-core systems scheduled for promised delivery by Dec. 28 and 14- and 18-core systems shipping ins six to eight weeks. A fully loaded system (with 2.3GHz 18-core CPU, 128 GB RAM, 4 TB SSD, Radeon Pro Vega 64 GPU) is $13,199. Running quick comparisons for similar PC hardware at online retailers indicates that Apple is pricing these machines fairly aggressively — the bang for your buck may decrease over time, as Apple tends to maintain the price of its systems even as their components becomes less expensive. But today, the iMac Pro looks like a pretty good deal as long as the lack of Nvidia graphics options isn’t a dealbreaker for you. ProVideoCoalition: Kicking the tires on Final Cut Pro X 10.4’s new color grading tools Here we are just over a year after the last major Final Cut Pro X update and we’re moving on to 10.4. This is an interesting update in that it is highlighted by “three major features” – 360 VR, advanced color grading, and support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) workflows. Neither of these three categories are tools that are focused on a consumer or prosumer market. These are things for high end workflows and will hopefully help to silence those critics who still insist that FCPX is a consumer oriented toy. By this point those critics still probably haven’t given it a try so most likely this update won’t shut them up either. Final Cut Pro 10.4 is out and it is awesome Here are some videos that explain the key features. First up, before you update, watch these videos including 10 free lessons: 4 on 360, and 6 on color correction: RedShark: Final Cut Pro X 10.4 now unleashed FCP X 10.4 hits all the major buttons that new technologies require. It includes a strong 360 VR editing feature set including output to a connected VR headset with an option to track that movement within the FCP 360 viewer, placing graphics within a 360 clip, sharing directly to Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube as well as support for both stereoscopic and monoscopic 360 clips. This is a most welcome addition and keeps FCP X in the forefront of new production modalities. It is our opinion here that 360 video is real, it is here to stay and that post production tools need to pay close attention to it. The iMac Pro is here! Just when you were beginning to think it had been forgotten, the iMac Pro finally arrives! The iMac Pro is one of Apple’s most important releases for a very long time indeed, and you'll be able to order one tomorrow, 14th December. However if you read some online forums you could be forgiven for thinking that Apple is being seen as the devil incarnate, making it a master plan to annoy media professionals around the globe from its world headquarters on a remote mountain top somewhere. PremiumBeat: FCPX 10.4 and New iMac Pro Give Apple’s NLE New Life Apple recently demoed its Final Cut Pro 10.4 update, along with the iMac Pro, showing new features and capabilities that might just bring this once popular NLE back from the near dead. Adobe’s stranglehold on the video editing market got even tighter with the latest updates to Premiere Pro and After Effects as part of the Creative Cloud Suite. However, the once industry standard Final Cut may have some staying power with the 10.4 update.

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