Apple Final Cut Studio Review

Videomkaer by Mark Montgomery

Final Cut Studio can play well with the average editor and the high-end professional, making it a great choice for just about anyone who wants to create great video presentations.

Final Cut Studio adds some notable enhancements to an already outstanding video editing suite. The latest update brings many thoughtful improvements for the high-end professional, while keeping the blue-collar editors and film students happy, too.

Simple Sharing Is Extraordinary
One of the more important features for almost any editor, but most likely the independent video producer who's extremely busy, is the iChat Theater feature. For those unfamiliar with Mac computers, iChat is Apple's instant messaging application for chatting with friends or co-workers online. Not too long ago, they added video conferencing to this program for business professionals. For Final Cut Pro, the developers took it one step further and added video editing collaboration support that allows Final Cut Pro 7 users to share their projects with clients or colleagues online. This is a rather significant step for a mainstream video editing application and one that we expect to garner a lot of appreciation from video producers.

iChat Theater is accessible from the View menu, where you can control the basic functions of the enhanced video conference. Final Cut Pro allows you to pause and start the audio and video and display the timecode, which is the bare necessities, but all that you may really need to collaborate with a client for review. The client will view the presentation through iChat or AIM and see your Program monitor and the timecode. It's very simple to operate. First, you log into iChat, start your IM conversation with your client, then click on the Start Sharing option in Final Cut Pro. Then you can choose to pause or start the audio and video from Final Cut Pro, or turn the timecode on and off. The client will see you in small video tile next to the larger program monitor that plays your video and a timecode window as well. read more...

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