Apple Plans Release In Late Fall Of OSX Licensed Systems

Apple Plans Release In Late Fall Of OSX Licensed Systems It’s the announcement video professionals have been waiting 5 years for! New Mac Pro workstations will be released later this year along with the next generation of OSX dubbed Stallion and a new VR enabled version of their professional video editing software FCP-VR. In a surprise move Apple also announced that these new workstations will not be made by Apple, but their new OEM OSX License partners HP and Dell. The first model to be released will be a new HP Z1 G4 All-In-One workstation. New features include four Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C ports, 1 TB SSD drive, NVIDIA m5000 mobile Quadro GPU and integrated 27” HP Retina Dreamcolor display. HP will also be releasing new z950 quad Xeon workstation with 2 Thunderbolt3/USB-C ports, 2 Thunderbolt 2 ports, HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro with up to 4GB of SSD storage, up to 512GB of RAM and supporting Dual NVIDIA Quadro Pascal P5000 or P6000 cards. Apple VP of OSX Licensing Sidd Finch said “OSX Stallion is optimized for multiple Xeon processors, up to 512GB of RAM and multiple NVIDIA Pascal based Quadro cards. In our tests running FCPX on the Z1 G4 running OSX Stallion you can edit multiple streams of 4K footage in real-time. The Quad Xeon z950 Workstation is a VR powerhouse. It can stitch and edit up to 10 cameras of native 4K footage into a spherical VR video in real-time using our new FCP-VR 360/Spherical VR editing, stitching and encoding application. FCP-VR is the next generation of VR content creation software giving you an interactive immersive 3D VR editing environment for creating VR content.” HP spokesman John Anderton said “The combination of OSX Stallion and HP workstations will deliver more horsepower than creative content producers ever dreamed possible. Video editors will be able to use run their choice of Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, and Apple FCPX Non-Linear Editing software. Even more impressive is the performance, speed and stability you get working with HD, 4K and VR footage in FCP-VR. It's straight out of "Minority Report". All tapping into the incredible hardware, technology and performance designed into these new workstations and OSX Stallion." HP and Apple will be showing the new HP Z1 G4 and HPZ950 workstations running OS X Stallion and FCP-VR at NAB in Las Vegas April 22-27th in the VR Pavilion in the Central Hall. Dell has also announced that they will be releasing a new line of Precision Workstations and Laptops later this year all running OSX Stallion. No official release date for OSX Stallion and FCP-VR has been given at this time. FCP-VR will have a $499 price and existing FCPX owners will be offered a limited time redemption coupon to save $200 for the first 90 days after release.

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