Apple refocuses on professionals with new Mac Pro and deep features in OS X

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Apple’s WWDC 2013: "Can’t Innovate anymore, my ass!" Our Apple correspondent, K Stewart, reports that Apple is turning again to its core "professional" following, who have felt neglected recently

Apple’s 2-hour plus WWDC keynote was a powerful statement of intent from Apple for multiple target audiences, perhaps most notably the professional community who’ve grown increasingly restive after the botched launch of Final Cut Pro X in 2011 and only the most minor update to the Mac Pro in June 2012.

Includes humour...

It was also a surprisingly funny presentation, with Software Engineering VP Craig Federighi taking multiple swings at skeuomorphism - ‘no virtual cows were harmed’ in production of new ‘faux leather’ free calendar app. Despite Apple shares being down 37% from last September, all the presenters looked upbeat and cheerful. Marketing VP Phil Schiller seemed on a mission to cram in as much technical jargon as possible in his presentation, not only to wow attendees with Mac Pro features but to add weight to his 'Can't innovate anymore, my ass' rebuff to Apple’s critics.

The well worn trope about Apple wanting to ditch the Mac and focus on iOS had little evidence here. Apple’s iTunes Radio service, which has been a popular pre-WWDC media topic, was presented with flair, but not given much more time than tabs and tagging features in Mac OS.

This was a keynote with a cohesive vision of an ever more tightly integrated eco-system of Apple computers and mobile devices. No hints about an iWatch or iTV, but plenty of substance to keep Apple’s existing product categories moving forward. read more...

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