Apple Release Final Cut Pro X 10.1

After a lot of anticipation, Final Cut Pro X 10.1 has been released. New libraries, new FXPlug support, custom project frame sizes and many more improvements and performance tweaks.

It’s finally here, FCPX 10.1 and the first great news is that it’s a free upgrade. Apple have continued their policy of not charging for FCPX updates, even though we would call it a major one.

First impressions, one is immediately drawn to the new Libraries. These act as a ‘container’ for Events and Projects and can be loaded when required. This stops all the media on a drive being viewable in FCPX. It also probably means the death of Event Manager!

Philip Hodgetts has provided instructions on how to update FCPX with Libraries using Event Manager. Worth a read to find out what you have to do before importing the old Events. If you don't use that method, new projects go to a specified Event, but old projects get put into an ‘Updated Projects’ Event with keywords instead of the older project folder structure.

Clicking on a new Event now brings up the projects. Gone are the long thin strips at the bottom, the new icons are a poster image inside a clapperboard that won’t skim, but will load when clicked.

Cosmetically, the whole GUI looks slightly ‘sharper’ one addition is the the little circle indicator on the timeline cursor that appears when you have the timeline selected. A great idea as we always got confused if we were looking at the timeline or not. It also rides up stacked clips, which is clever. read more...

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