Ask The Videoguys | Kiloview N1/N2, LiveU Solo SRT, Canon PTZ Auto-Tracking, SanDisk Professional PRO-BLADE Storage,

Welcome to Ask The Videoguys, the ultimate resource for all your burning questions about professional video equipment and software! In this episode, our host James dives deep into the most frequently asked questions surrounding the Kiloview N1 and N2 converters, LiveU Solo Pro with SRT support, auto tracking capabilities on Canon PTZ cameras, SanDisk Professional Pro Blade for convenient on-the-go storage, the key differences between PTZOptics Move 4K and Link 4K PTZ cameras, and the process of crossgrading your Avid Media Composer from perpetual licensing to a subscription model.

Whether you're a seasoned videographer, a live stream enthusiast, or an aspiring content creator, this episode of Ask The Videoguys provides you with invaluable insights and expert advice to elevate your production quality. Join James as he shares his wealth of knowledge, practical tips, and hands-on demonstrations to help you make informed decisions and overcome any hurdles you may encounter.

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How Do I Setup My N1 and N2 Kiloview Converters?

Step 1: Connect the antennas, power cable, and USB adapters to your N1/N2 and computer

Step 2: Open Network Settings, click on change adaptors settings, select your USB network adaptor and click Properties

Step 3: Select Internet Protocol Version 4. Select Use the Following IP Address, and type in "" Subnet mask should be "" and hit OK

Step 4: Type in the default address of the N1/N2 "" into a browser. Click on "Network and Service Settings" Connect to your Wi-Fi with your password

 I See That My LiveU Solo And The New Solo Pro Support SRT. Why Should I Use SRT?


  • RTMP sends Video to CDNS such as facebook and Youtube​
  • RTMP IS still the standard way to send video


  • LRT Transportation can now be used for SRT​
  • Can be used to bring directly to a production unit for remote production


  • LRT is LiveUs Cloud service​
  • Lets you select your destinations now including SRT​

Is There Auto-Tracking Capabilities On The Canon PTZ Cameras?

Auto-Tracking Available Now!

Auto-Tracking Coming Soon!

Auto-Tracking Coming Soon!

What Is The Best Storage Solution For Saving Space On The Go?

What Is The Difference Between PTZOptics Move 4K and Link 4K?

The Link 4K has Dante AV-H included while the Move 4K has NDI|HX included.

  • NDI: Optimized for high-quality, low-latency video production environments with a higher bandwidth network infrastructure​
  • NDI|HX: NDI|HX provides a more bandwidth-efficient solution suitable for wireless or lower bandwidth scenarios. ​
  • Dante AV Ultra: Dante AV Ultra is a revolutionary new AV hardware solution for standard 1 Gbps networks that adds networked video to the industry-leading Dante audio-over-IP platform.​
  • Dante AV-H: Dante AV‑H allows OEMs to develop fully manageable, cost-effective video products that fit into the ever-expanding Dante ecosystem using only software.​

I Have the Avid Media Composer Perpetual License, Can I Still Crossgrade to Avid Media Composer Ultimate? Is There A Deal For Me To Do So?

Owners may Crossgrade to an Avid Subscription​. Instead of renewing your upgrade rights and support each year you may choose to crossgrade now to a new Subscription license. ​

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