Ask the Videoguys - NETGEAR AV Switches, LiveU 4 Modem Kit, Software vs. Turnkey, and NAB News

In the latest installment of Ask the Videoguys, James guides you through essential considerations for selecting the ideal NETGEAR Switch to suit your needs, dives into the benefits of the LiveU 4 Modem Kit, weighs the pros and cons of Software versus Turnkey Solutions, and shares captivating highlights from NAB 2024 in this informative webinar. Whether you're seeking networking solutions, remote broadcasting tools, or insights into the latest industry trends, this session is packed with valuable information to enhance your video production endeavors. Join us as we unravel the complexities and explore the exciting innovations shaping the landscape of video technology.

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Which NETGEAR Switch is Right for Me?​

M4250 Managed Switches
The AV Line of M4250 switches are built for 1G AV over IP installations and designed for a clean integration with traditional rack-mounted AV equipment.

M4300 Managed Switches
NETGEAR's M4300 Series of 1G and 10G fully managed switches are designed for any AV over IP installation. A broad range of sizes and capabilities are available to fit any application.

​M4350 Managed Switches​
The M4350 Series of 1 Gigabit to 100 Gigabit fully managed switches provides an edge to core stackable platform for any AV over IP installation. Redundant modular power supplies on select models contribute to business continuity management.​

Terms to Learn

PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

  • PoE - 15.4 Watts
  • PoE+ - 30 Watts
  • PoE++ (Ultra) - 60-100 Watts depending on version type

TPD (Total Power Delivery)

  • The maximum amount of power a switch can deliver
  • A PoE+ switch with 60 watts TPD can only power 2 PoE+ cameras no matter how many ports it has

SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable Transceiver)

  • Commonly used for Optical Network Connection, can be Copper
  • Allows for Port Flexibility
  • SFP - Operates @ 1Gbps
  • SFP+ - Operates @ 10Gbps

Do I Need the LiveU 4 Modem Kit?

Step 1: Buy the LiveU Solo Pro

  • 4K Video Resolution - up to 4Kp60 full video resolution
  • HEVC Encoding - Up to 20Mbps streaming
  • Supports up to 4 external modems
  • 5G support as modems become available

Step 2: Add the Modems - Solo PRO Connect 4 Modem Kit

  • 4x LU Net 4G Modems
  • 4x Sims U.S. version 
  • LiveU Solo PRO Belt Pack
  • 2x Y Cables
  • HDMI Extension Cable
  • HDMI Tension Clip
  • Getting started card
  • LiveU Solo PRO (HDMI/SDI) Encoder must be purchased separately

Step 3: Activate the LiveU Solo Pro and Solo Connect

Modem kit

Number of Sims

Kit Cost


North America plan


Solo PRO Connect 2 Modem

2 Sims





Solo Pro Connect 4 Modem Kit Bundle with Cables & Belt Pack

4 Sims





Should I Livestream with Software or get a Turnkey Production System?

Advantages of Using Production Software:

  • Flexibility: Software like OBS and Wirecast allows for a high degree of customization and flexibility in your setup
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Generally, software solutions are less expensive than hardware solutions
  • Ease of Updates: Software can be easily updated with new features and improvements
  • Multifunctionality: Many software options include features for mixing multiple sources, adding graphics, text overlays, and encoding for different formats
  • Portability: Software can be used on different computers, making your setup portable

Advantages of Using a Turnkey Production System:

  • Reliability: Turnkey systems like TriCaster are designed for stability and reliability during live events
  • Professional Quality: They often include professional-grade hardware and software for high-quality production
  • Ease of Use: Turnkey systems are generally easier to set up and use, with less technical knowledge required
  • Integrated Workflow: Everything you need is included, which can streamline the production process
  • Support: Turnkey systems often come with professional support and training

​Is There Any Big News Coming from NAB?


Yes! Stay tuned next Tuesday Gary will do a full NAB 2024 Recap!

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