Aspect HD Real-Time HDV Editing Plug-In for Adobe Premiere Pro

AspectHDDV Mag by John Jackman If you're moving to HDV, you'll find Aspect HD is a great editing solution that provides real-time previews and higher quality composites than native editing of MPEG-2 files. CineForm Aspect HD is a plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro that allows capture and editing of HDV footage. At press time, Aspect ( was compatible with both JVC and Sony HDV formats, and CineForm announced upcoming compatibility with JVC's new ProHD 24p products. Current registered users of Adobe Premiere Pro can download the free 1.5.1 update, which includes basic HDV capture and editing ability without the real-time features. Purchasers of the full Aspect HD 3.1 version must first download the Adobe update before installing the full version. The quality of the free plug-in is just as good as the full version, but with the free plug-in, conversions are slower, there are fewer options, and the real-time features are missing. read more...

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