Atomos Cloud Updates: C2C, Editing and Multicamera Streaming [NAB 2023]

The Atomos Cloud Studio and virtual livestream mixing is a game-changer for video production. The cloud-based platform allows users to stream directly from their connected devices to YouTube, Twitch, and custom RTMPS, among other platforms. The company has made significant updates to their subscription service, making it more cost-effective and opening up a host of new features.

For instance, there’s a progressive file upload system that allows files to be uploaded to the cloud while recording. Atomos Cloud Studio also offers the ability to change the bitrate and resolution of a file, where that used to be fixed.

Moreover, Atomos’ Paul talks about the many use cases of their cloud-based video production tools, including live streaming and cloud editing. Learn about the latest updates to Atomos Cloud Studio and how they can benefit marketers and content creators in this video.

Watch the full video below:

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