Atomos Connect gets NDI|HX3 support

Atomos has announced their new CONNECT product range, including the ZATO, SHOGUN and ATOMOS CONNECT as well as their support for advanced software-driven IP workflows using NDI technology. Matthew Allard ACS of Newsshooter covers the news in a recent article. Check out what he has to say. 

"ATOMOS has integrated NDI|HX in the new ZATO CONNECT, ATOMOS CONNECT, and SHOGUN CONNECT. Initial NDI support for encoding will be available in Q3 with an update in Q4 2022 for decoding. This update enables ATOMOS customers to share images and content between multiple devices locally and select a specific device (or devices) to record the incoming signal."


"The newest iteration of NDI|HX, NDI|HX3, offers both low bandwidth and low latency options for end-users. With NDI|HX3, encoding is visually lossless, even in bandwidth-constrained environments. This enables ATOMOS customers to expand the use case and versatility of the CONNECT products by sharing video between team members and adding the ability to record content on different devices."

NDI|HX support will be available for the Atomos CONNECT family for $99 USD. 

Check out the full article here!

 Learn more about Atomos here!

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