Atomos Edit Cloud-Based Video Editing Platform Public Beta Released

In a recent article for NewsShoter, Matthew Allard ACS recently discussed the new Atomos Edit Public Beta. Atomos Edit Public Beta, a cloud-based video editing platform, has been published. Atomos Edit, an Australian firm, claims to be "here to revolutionize your video editing experience." Atomos Edit was first introduced in April 2023 as part of Cloud Studio, a suite of cloud-based video creation services.

Atomos Edit differs from standard NLE programs in that it can only be accessed and used through a web browser. According to Atomos, this allows customers access to a sophisticated array of editing tools at any time and from any location. To use it, simply login in on any computer and begin editing. This enables you to modify content without the need for physical storage, program installation, or drivers.


  • Professional-style timeline with multiple audio and video tracks
  • Multi-user editing with the ability to lock the timeline
  • Collaborative review, comment, tag and approve workflows
  • High-speed, interrupt-resilient uploads of large video files
  • Effects and transitions
  • Powerful sequence versioning
  • The ability to directly import stock video content

The pitch for Atomos Edit is that it removes the hassle of cables, offloading media, and transportation. Atomos claims that Edit is the ‘Ultimate tool for immediate social media sharing to YouTube and other social media platforms‘

You can have numerous audio and video tracks on the Atomos Edit timeline. It also has multi-user editing, as well as the ability to lock the timeline to guarantee that modifications are properly managed.

You may use effects and transitions, as well as directly import stock video content, to enhance your video. According to Atomos, there are over two million royalty-free stock pieces available for dragging and dropping into your timeline to save time and money.

While shooting, Atomos Edit allows you to upload files to your Atomos Edit bin in the background. With the free public beta version of Atomos Edit, it is no longer possible to upload footage directly from Atomos Connect products, nor is it possible to add more storage. This capability, according to Atomos, will be accessible in the shipping version. This is unusual given that Atomos Edit is intended to interact with Atomos CONNECT. ATOMOS CONNECT is incorporated into Zato CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT, and offers network connectivity and cloud services (through subscription) to current devices such as the Ninja V and Ninja V+. Atomos CONNECT utilizes WI-FI 6 and 1 GbE Ethernet so that users can livestream and share media with Camera to Cloud services.

The entire pitch at launch was that you would be able to upload media straight from an Atomos device in the field and then modify it on any browser using Atomos modify, so I am not sure what you will be able to accomplish with the Beta version.

The Ninja V and V+ with ATOMOS CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT can collect from most video cameras and record internally using a high-quality codec such as ProRes or ProRes RAW. At the same time, they can record high-quality full HD H.26, a significantly smaller but still high-quality codec. This proxy format is automatically published to the cloud and is readily editable using Atomos Edit. Zato CONNECT is optimized for cloud use and records straight into H.264, which also serves as the proxy format.

According to Atomos, if you desire a more professionally polished version later, you may move your full-resolution files to popular editing tools and relink using Atomos Edit's XML data.

You may also employ collaborative workflow technologies to allow users to review, comment, tag, and so on. This may be accomplished via a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Atomos delivers activity statistics and push alerts to show you who has seen, downloaded, and commented on the shared video files.

Once you've completed editing, you may submit finished material to the cloud or post immediately to YouTube and Vimeo without downloading and editing enormous media files.

So what can you do with the Public Beta version?

What is accessible with the Public Beta version is shown above. Atomos advises using Chrome or Firefox for the best results. The editor does not support Internet Explorer. Safari is generally supported, although realtime color correction rendering when editing is not yet feasible.

Price & Availability

According to Atomos back in April, Atomos Edit will be available in three subscription plans:

  • Free
  • $10 USD per user per month
  • $50 USD per user per month

Read the full article from NewsShooter HERE

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