Atomos End Of The Year Exclusive Deals

These are the Year-end Exclusive Deals to close the year on a high note!

For a limited time, Atomos will be running a promotional offer aimed at all kinds of creators. By purchasing one of the new Ninja Series devices (Ninja & Ninja Ultra) along with an Atomos Connect in the same transaction during this period, the Atomos Connect price for you is set at $99 as outlined below:

Atomos Ninja and Atomos CONNECT with Free 5" Accessory Kit
In Stock!
$1,147.00 reg.
$698.00 PROMO

Atomos Ninja Ultra and Atomos CONNECT with Free 5" Accessory Kit
In Stock!
$1,347.00 reg.
$898.00 PROMO

Ninja and Ninja Ultra in combination with Atomos Connect offer a revolutionary approach to filmmaking. By bringing this unique offer, Atomos not only opens new business opportunities but also you invite them to explore new horizons, redefining the traditional concept of filmmaking.

There is no better way to discover the advantages of connected and collaborative workflows than by trying them out. With this in mind, Atomos aims to showcase its flexibility by offering you a Special Free Promotion Plan for Atomos Cloud Studio starting from December 12, 2023 to new customers buying one of the new Ninja / Shogun Series devices. 

The Special Free Promotional Plan encompasses a range of features, including progressive upload while recording, the capability to generate 4K proxies, a specified amount of free included credits, and more! Initiating this plan is effortless—all customers need to do is access it through There will be no charges throughout the free promotional period, and absolutely no payment information is necessary.

Check out the attractive Special Free Promotion plan Atomos is offering here:

7-inch HDR Monitor-Recorder 6K RAW. 7-inch monitor-recorder with integrated networking for cloud workflows, ideal for DSLR, mirrorless and cinematic cameras. More codecs  & monitoring tools than ever before.
In Stock!

7-inch HDR Monitor-Recorder 8K RAW. Shogun Ultra is everything you’d expect from a Shogun. Perfect for HDMI mirrorless and SDI cinematic cameras, with enhanced camera to cloud connectivity.
In Stock!

Atomos Cloud Studio (ACS) empowers creators to establish their own workflows with unparalleled freedom. However, ACS not only revolutionizes creative processes but also serves as a compelling reason for customers to choose and invest in Atomos solutions, thereby opening up new business opportunities for you to expand and enhance your partnership with Atomos.

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