Atomos Live: The Return of Jeremy Young!

The premier edition of Atomos Live just debuted on YouTube, graced by the presence of PhotoJoseph as the host. He was accompanied by a distinguished lineup including the esteemed Atomos CEO Jeromy Young, newly appointed COO Peter Barber, the insightful Paul Scurrell, Senior VP of Product, and our very own resident Camera to Cloud expert, John Restivo.

Watch the full live from Atomos below:

00:00 - Countdown
04:00 - Introduction
06:00 - Webcast Agenda
06:52 - What's New
08:22 - Free 3-Year Warranty
09:26 - OS11 Free Base Upgrade for Ninja V/V+
09:50 - Ninja V/V+ Paid Feature Pack
11:13 - Atomos Cloud Studio 2.0
12:02 - 6 Month Free Camera To Cloud
13:32 - Atomos Connect Promotion
15:00 - Industry Insight
23:55 - Feature Focus, More RAW
29:38 - Zato Connect
31:24 - Sundance C2C Workflow with Atomos
33:41 - Question and Answer
39:54 - Giveaway

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