Atomos: New Pricing for The Atomos Ninja Inferno & Free Update

Jose Antunes, a photographer and writer for Pro Video Coalition in this article Jose explores the free upgrade to enable CDNG (Cinematic Digital Negative) Raw recording.

Atomos recently announced a free upgrade to enable CDNG Raw recording from select Sony, Canon and Panasonic cameras and a new low price on the Atomos Ninja Inferno.

Timed with the release of the Panasonic GH5, the new low price of the Ninja Inferno will, as Atomos says “empower the masses”. There is also an update for different monitors. Available from today, the free upgrade available to download enables CDNG Raw recording from select Sony, Canon and Panasonic cameras on the Shogun Inferno, Shogun Flame and the original Shogun products. Not only are these the worlds’ first monitor-recorders to offer CDNG recording on a single SSD, they are also the world’s first monitor-recorders to offer CDNG Raw to end users for free, says Atomos. CDNG records Raw images from a camera’s sensor as a sequence of individual frames rather than video, allowing users to recreate a Hollywood post production process allowing custom control over white balance, noise reduction & debayering rather than relying on the camera’s real time processing. Unlike video, the Raw from each camera brand is different, offering different advantages to the user and requiring bespoke engineering for each Raw format in the recorder itself. For this release, Atomos have enabled Sony Raw recording from the FS700 / FS7 / FS5, Canon Raw recording from the C300MKII / C500 and Panasonic Raw recording from the Varicam LT. “We are very proud and excited to break yet another industry convention by offering Raw recording for free from our great partners Sony, Canon and Panasonic”, said Jeromy Young CEO and co-founder of Atomos. Read more about CNDG and Atomos here.

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