Atomos NINJA CAST & ZATO CONNECT Workflow: Multicam Live Streaming to Social Media

ATOMOS Creative Director, Shaki Prasanna joins host James Weatherby to demonstrate the benefits of using NINJA V, AtomX CAST, and the all new ZATO CONNECT to create a full-featured, high performance setup for livestreaming, events, and multi-camera productions.

With powerful, high-quality monitoring tools and the ability to record professional formats for digital cinema, mirrorless and DSLR cameras, NINJA V has developed a strong reputation across the industry. This only represents the beginning of the story for ATOMOS and the team continues to introduce new features to elevate the technology to make NINJA V the most versatile device in its class.

The AtomX CAST expansion module combines with the NINJA V to create an entirely new device, the NINJA CAST. With support for 4 HDMI sources, a multiview display for monitoring each angle, the choice to switch using the touchscreen interface or hardware buttons, ability to add graphic overlays, record the edited program, and output a stream for live events, NINJA CAST changes what we think of as a production studio. It offers all these features while maintaining a compact, lightweight footprint that can be easily transported between locations.

Earlier this year ATOMOS introduced a brand-new device, ZATO CONNECT. It was designed as an entry level product, which supports up to two HDMI or USB UVC inputs, networking over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and a new, streamlined version of the ATOMOS software tools, AtomOS Lite. ZATO CONNECT provides support for livestreaming to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube and more. While ZATO CONNECT addresses a gap in the existing market for an affordable streaming device, another facet of the device is revealed when it’s used with the NINJA CAST. Together the devices create a comprehensive solution for switching and streaming multi-camera productions to the world.

Watch the full webinar from ATOMOS below:

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