Atomos Ninja Inferno delivers High-Quality Slow Motion Under $1000

The new Ninja Inferno HDR monitor recorder from Atomos has been getting kudos for its 4K features and affordable price. Here NoFilmSchool shines a light on the benefits of using the Ninja Inferno with the GH5 camera to capture great quality slow motion footage easily!
Slow motion has always been complicated for cinematic storytellers. Whether it was having to rent special cameras and burn a ton of film in the old days, or complicated workarounds involving shooting unintended formats and frame rates with more recent indie options, slow motion is an essential element that required compromise or financial expense in the past. With the Ninja Inferno that is no more. Combined with the low-cost, high-value GH5 camera, you get full resolution 4K UHD, HDR, 60 progressive frames per second slow motion directly in ProRes with no post processing required. Drop it in your timeline and you are ready to edit, with no delay....[continue reading]

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