Atomos Ninja V – AtomX CAST: Live-streaming & Multicam Switching

Atomos has recently announced the new AtomX CAST 4x HDMI Switching & Streaming Dock for the Ninja V and Ninja V+. The combination of the Ninja V and AtomX CAST becomes the Ninja CAST, a fully functional stand-alone switcher, multiview monitor and broadcast quality recorder that does not require a computer to function. CineD goes over this new exciting news in a recent article written by Jeff Loch. Check out some highlights of what Loch has to say. 


"The Atomos AtomX CAST is one of the biggest expansion modules of the entire AtomX lineup and takes the concept to another level."
Jeff Loch


"With four HDMI inputs “offering professional broadcast quality switching and recording to high-quality professional codecs like Apple ProRes and Avid DNx,” the CAST module seems like a very versatile unit. But the main use for this expansion will probably be the live-switching mode.

Indeed, the USB port at the top of the Atomos AtomX CAST expansion module can be used to load logos, lower third titles, or masthead graphics on top of your videos. Then, you can connect the AtomX CAST to your computer – with UVC support your computer will see it as a webcam – to live-stream your program output. Of course, you can live-stream to various platforms like Zoom, Skype, Twitch, Facebook Live, and so on."
Jeff Loch



The AtomX CAST will be available July 2021 for $399. The Ninja CAST which includes the Ninja V will be $949.


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