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The Atomos Ninja V is ready to ship and with the Ninja V Atomos has also announced their AtomX line. This line includes expansion ports and attachments that ass NDI capabilities to the Ninja V. To learn more about the Ninja V and AtomX line check out the article below.


The Atomos Ninja V is almost ready to start shipping and Atomos says that they will start delivering orders by the end of this month. The company showed us the first add-on units that will make use of the Ninja V’s AtomX expansion port, which is bi-directional and allows I/O of video, audio and power.

The expansion port is something we haven’t really seen on a monitor/recorder before and looks a good way of adding functionality selectively, so you’re not paying for features you don’t want.

AtomX Expansion Cards

The first two AtomX modules are the AtomX Ethernet/NDI and the AtomX Sync. These dock into the AtomX port and add NDI over ethernet, or wireless sync and Bluetooth control to the Ninja V.

Atomos have partnered with Newtek for the AtomX Ethernet and Timecode Systems for the AtomX Sync – this means that the AtomX Ethernet will appear as a node on Newtek NDI networks, and the AtomX Sync will allow you to sync timecode with other Timecode Systems gear... read more

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