Átomos Ninja V Pro Kit delivers RAW over SDI

Allan Tépper from ProVideo wrote up an article about the Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit: RAW over SDI

"Atomos has just announced of its new Ninja V Pro Kit. This new Pro Kit enables a new feature in the Ninja V and includes many bundled accessories. Those who purchase at launch will receive a bonus: a free Átomos Connect in the box. The new functionality includes RAW from several popular Canon, Panasonic and Sony cinema cameras. Ahead you’ll find a video, the exact camera models and included accessories in the official press release (with my comments in parenthesis)."

This pro kit includes:

  • Ninja V with SDI RAW Pre-Activated, AtomX SDI module,
  • 1 x Battery eliminator
  • 1 x international DC power supply
  •  1 x Dtap Cable
  •  1 x AtomX 5” Sunhood
  •  1 x Master Caddy II Optional Extras  Power kit, HDMI cables, US

It can now easily work with some of the best cine-cameras on the market! Here’s a few examples

  • Canon C500mki and C300mkii, both offering RAW up to 4k DCI and 4k UHD at up to p30 (or p29.97)
  • Panasonic’s Varicam LT, RAW output up to 4k p60 (or p59.94) and high frame rate up to 2k p240 (or p239.76)
  • Panasonic EVA, RAW output up to 5.7k p30 (or p29.97) and high frame rate up to 2k p240 (or p239.76)
  • Sony FX9 with XDCA-FX9, RAW output at up to 4k DCI p60 (or p59.94) and 2k p180 (or p179.82).
  • Sony FX6, RAW output up to 4k DCI p60 (or p59.94)

This also adds a more comprehensive IO which helps provide off board 10bit 422 recording while also having an assortment of codecs and file formats including RED & Arri cameras.

"In playback mode the Ninja V provides a lossless signal distribution with 2 x 12G SDI and 1 x HDMI 2.0 for simultaneous outputs up to 4K p60. When used in combination with the Ninja’s playlist functionality it provides a fast and convenient way to review content or show a highlight reel."

Most monitors also boast of good viewability in bright sunlight, but only increase the back light distorting the colors of your image. Not the case with the Atomos Ninja V. Now having the Ninja V Sunhood will help keep your screen clean, clear, and show the best image possible.

This can also now do HDMI to SDI cross conversion! Your image can now be cropped, or 4K footage can be downscaled within the monitor.

The Ninja V Pro Kit also offers 3 types of power options:

  • In the Studio you can use the included DC power supply with lockable jack to connect to the Ninja V and with the international power plugs you’ll be covered wherever your work might take you.
  • On-set via the included DTAP cable to connect to your choice of battery with a DTap output meaning your camera rig can run from a single power source.
  • On the move with a compact rig you also have the choice to run the Ninja directly from an optional NPF battery or any 4 cell NPF you might have in your kit bag.

What about shooting in RAW?

"Apple ProRes RAW is now firmly established as the new standard for RAW video capture, with an ever-growing number of supported HDMI and SDI cameras."

Essentially it gives filmmakers more control than almost any format out there. Brightness and shadow detail is second to none. With the NinjaV, you can now record with ProRes RAW directly, even if your camera does not have this as an option!

If you already have a Ninja V. No problem. The kit items are also available separately. Also the upgrade to ProRes RAW is available for a $99.00 firmware update (you get an activation code).

Read the original article here!

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