Atomos NinjaV Monitor Recorder Videoguys Product Spotlight

Atomos Ninja V is a small form factor monitor/recorder perfect for DSLR videographers at only $695.00.

This week’s Videoguys Product Spotlight is on the new Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder.

Check the product spotlight on these Monitor Recorder's below.

Watch the video on YouTube HERE

Record up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR video direct from your camera’s sensor.

Store edit-ready ProRes or DNxHR on the new SONY AtomX SSD mini drives.

This bright 5.2-inch 10-bit HDR monitor has an astounding 1,000 nits of output.

It’s a sleek 1” aluminum body crafted for maximum durability weighing in at only 11 ounces and attaches to any camera rig easily.

Audio can be input directly from the camera via HDMI or through the stereo 3.5mm line/mic input and is especially useful for cameras that do not have a mic input.

If you’re a gamer, the Ninja V is also the monitor/recorder for you.

Output your TV into the Ninja V and record your gameplay for hours with any SSD.

Check out our web site for more information on the Atomos Ninja V monitor, recorder and playback device.

Watch the video on YouTube HERE

Learn more about Atomos HERE

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