Atomos Gives Old Canon DSLRs New HDR-Ready Log Profile

Bryant Frazer of Studio Daily shared a great video from Atomos about how their monitors can drastically upgrade an older DSLR.

Atomos Says These Log Profiles Make Old Canon DSLRs HDR-Ready

The ,pf3 picture profiles were developed by cinematographer James Miller and include a basic "CLOG Neutral" profile and a "more Canon-style" CLOG 3 profile. Each comes with a number of corresponding .cube LUTs and other options. Atomos saw the ability to record increased dynamic range as an opportunity to promote its Inferno and Flame recorders, which feature HDR-ready software, display more than 10 stops on their included seven-inch monitors, and record the clean HDMI output of Canon DSLRs to ProRes files. Read the full piece here.

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