Atomos Shogun: Filming A No Budget Spec Ad

Explore the innovative techniques behind a groundbreaking Nike speculative ad, crafted by Director Michael Fitzpatrick and his team using the Sony FX6 camera and Atomos Shogun Ultra monitor. Discover how they overcame challenges to deliver a visually stunning narrative of determination and perseverance.

Discover the creative process behind a Nike speculative ad directed by Michael Fitzpatrick. Learn how advanced technology, including the Sony FX6 camera and Atomos Shogun Ultra monitor, transformed a vision into reality.

Despite budget constraints, Fitzpatrick's team utilized the Sony FX6 camera and Shogun monitor to deliver exceptional visual quality. With features like 2000nit brightness and real-time adjustments, they overcame challenges in low-light environments and fine-tuned their shots effortlessly.

Fitzpatrick expressed his satisfaction with the ad, remarking, "It's the story I wanted to tell, delivered in the way I wanted to tell it." Through innovation and attention to detail, they set a new standard in speculative advertising.

Witness the magic of the Nike speculative ad and the creative genius of Michael Fitzpatrick's team. Watch the full video from Atomos below to experience their groundbreaking work.

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