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Tune in to today's episode of Videoguys Live as Jim delves into the latest offerings from Atomos Monitors and Recorders, spotlighting the innovative Connect line and exciting promotional deals. Stay updated on cutting-edge technology and discover how these products can elevate your filmmaking and video production endeavors. Don't miss out on exclusive insights and special offers

Special Atomos Connect Promotion for just $99 through 3/31/24 means
These Bundles are Better Than Ever!
Now through March 31, 2024 bundle the Atomos Ninja (or Ninja Ultra) with Atomos Connect and you'll also get a 6-month subscription to Atomos' Camera-to-Cloud plus the 5" accessory kit complete with batteries, a fast-charger, screen protector and travel case! That's right... this bundle includes so much added value that we had pull even more from the Atomos Cloud!
Elevate your Ninja with Atomos Connect for only $99! Atomos Connect is the perfect match for any Ninja, Ninja Ultra, Ninja V and Ninja V+ user.
$399.00 reg.
$99.00 PROMO
2/19 - 3/31/24 Only!

Atomos Cloud Studio
The centralized gateway between Atomos' network-connected hardware solutions and a host of online services

  • Live Streaming​
  • Capture to Cloud with​
  • Remote Monitoring​
  • File Sharing​
  • Live Productions

GET CONNECTED: 6 Months FREE Camera to Cloud Plan
Available now until March 31, 2024

With every new purchase of Atomos Connect, Zato Connect, Shogun, or Shogun Ultra, you will receive a complimentary six-month Camera to Cloud paid plan on Atomos Cloud Studio (valued at $15/month).

This plan grants access to a range of premium features, including selectable proxy and stream resolutions (720p, 1080p & 4K), customizable bit depth and bitrate settings, and seamless uploading of C2C files during recording, optimizing workflow efficiency. Users can choose between Atomos Edit,, and Sony Ci Media Cloud as their preferred destination, ensuring seamless compatibility with existing workflows and collaboration tools.


Atomos is thrilled to unveil today the complimentary user interface upgrade to AtomOS 11 for Ninja V/V+ users, along with optional paid feature packs designed to elevate their Ninja experience. Access to the latest Ninja and Ninja Ultra new features has been a consistent request from their Ninja V/V+ users since the introduction of the new Ninja Series. In line with their dedication to their customers, these new feature packs not only add value to Ninja V/V+ but also reaffirm their commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Ninja V Feature Pack includes :

  • ARRI False Color
  • SegmentPro
  • PlaybackAssist
  • RecordAssist
  • Wi-Fi 6

Ninja V+ Feature Pack includes:

  • ARRI False Color
  • SegmentPro
  • PlaybackAssist
  • RecordAssist
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • ProRes RAW Dual Record. Proxy H265 & ProRes RAW
  • SDI Cine – camera internal and proxy fille naming match. Support for ARRI, Canon, Sony, and RED Camera

For a limited period only, the Ninja V Feature Pack is available for $79 and the Ninja V+ Feature Pack for $129 for purchase at

In addition, Atomos is excited to reintroduce the 3-Year Free Warranty on all purchases after product registration.

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