One big recent announcement from Atomos has been the release of the AtomX SYNC. This module pairs great with the Ninja V to bring users wireless timecode, sync and control.

The AtomX Sync is perfect for live event coverage, sports video and more, and is the add on accessory the Ninja V deserves.  This device provides wireless timecode and trouble free dual system sound on the popular Atomos Monitor. 

This module was originally presented at IBC 2018, assuring audiences that audio and video sync issue would soon be a thing of the past!  Fast forward to October of 2019, and Timecode Systems partnered with Atomos to build a tight multi camera syncing integration with the Ninja V.  

"Use AtomX SYNC to bring your HDMI camera into a professional multi-camera production, says Atomos, then have all footage instantly synchronized when coming to edit it – no more time is wasted trying to align clips or running additional software. AtomX SYNC module guarantees the user’s video and audio sources all match up perfectly every time.”

Check out the full article HERE.

Learn more about Atomos HERE.

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