ATTENTION Avid Owners: It?s Now or Never!

ATTENTION Avid Owners: It?s Now or Never!

You only have until December 31, 2014 to upgrade your Media Composer or Symphony License with an Avid Support Plan - if you do not add this plan by 12/31/14 you will have to purchase a new subscription or perpetual license.
Upgrade Now for just $285.00

Order at or Call 800-323-2325

What Avid Software do you own?

Avid Media Composer: Upgrade to Avid Media Composer [ Software 8

Avid Symphony:
Upgrade to Avid Media Composer [ Software 8 with Symphony option

Do you own Media Composer, but don?t have an Avid Support plan? Get the latest upgrade and standard Avid Support now for just $285 before your price goes up $1,000 on January 1, 2015.

With an annual, renewable standard Avid Support plan, you?re paying the typical price of a single upgrade, but you?ll have access to world-class support and all Media Composer updates and upgrades for one full year, including Avid Resolution Independence, native 4K support, and more exciting upcoming features. Then simply renew your plan for just $285 a year to stay current.

Media Composer upgrades are now included and only available through an Avid Support plan, which current Media Composer owners can purchase now for $285 through December 31, 2014 only. If you don?t purchase a standard Avid Support plan by the end of 2014, you?ll still be able to use your version of Media Composer, but will not be able to upgrade it at a later time. If you decide you want the newest features later on, you will either need to purchase a new Media Composer perpetual license or subscribe monthly or annually, starting at $599.

Upgrade now with a renewable standard Avid Support plan:

  • Stay up to date! All Media Composer updates/upgrades are included with your plan
  • Get help whenever, wherever, and however you need it, 24x7
  • Have world-class experts available worldwide to answer questions and resolve issues
  • Gain access to how-to videos, troubleshooting articles, and more from Customer Care

Q: What if I don't purchase an annual support contract by December 31, 2014?

A:If you own Media Composer today, without a support contract, then your license will become "Frozen" on your current version forever as of January 1st, 2015.

Avid has grandfather's everyone who owns Media Composer to be able to purchase a new support contract before then and be upgraded to the very latest version, with a year's worth of upgrades, updates and support. For just $299 ($285 at Videoguys) this is a tremendous value. Even if you do not plan on upgrading immediately.

Q: What happens to me if my support contract expires? Can I keep using my software and edit my projects?

A: YES! If you do not renew your annual support contract you still keep your software. It becomes locked in at the last version you downloaded and installed. You can keep using it forever, but you will not be able to upgrade. Now through December 31, 2014 is really your last chance to upgrade. If down the road you decide you want to upgrade to let's say version 9.5, you would have to purchase a new perpetual license or subscription. You would not be able to turn your old "frozen" version of MC into the latest version.

Q: What happens if I cancel my Annual Support contract?

A: Well, you can't actually cancel it, since you bought a full year subscription, but you can decide not to renew your subscription. The support contract gets set up by default to automatically renew, so if you decide to end it, you have to go into your user account and turn auto renew off. If at the end of your year you choose not to renew, your subscription will lapse.

Q: Do I have to upgrade to the very latest version of Media Composer (MC8)?

A: Avid will make available to all current subscribers not only the latest version of Media Composer, but the last two major releases as well. So today that means you get access to MC8, MC7 or MC 6.5.

Q: What if I have Avid Symphony?

A: Avid has a support plan for you as well. For just $285 you get the same benefits as the Media Composer Support contract, plus any and all updates for your Symphony option as well. You do not need to purchase a Media Composer support plan and a Symphony support plan. You only need the Annual Support Plan Crossgrade from Symphony for $285

This has caused some confusion, because Avid calls this a Crossgrade. It does not add Symphony to your Media Composer. If you own Media Composer and you wish to add the Symphony option you can for $699.

Q: What 3rd party software or upgrades do I get with my renewal/support plan?

A: None. Your renewal is just for the Avid software. Any 3rd party software you already own you can keep using. If you need to upgrade any of the titles, you will have to upgrade that software separately. Call the Videoguys at 800-323-2325 and we'd be happy to help you get the upgrades you need.

Click Here to view
the Complete Videoguys'guide to Avid Media Composer [ Software for more information and understanding the new licensing options available

Click here if you are an Academic user for more information on academic upgrades and versions of Avid Media Composer [ Software available

The Perfect Additions for Every Avid Editor!

Upgrade your Avid editing system now and use the savings to expand your storage or add valuable software tools to enhance your workflow.

G-RAID with Thunderbolt, designed specifically for professional content creation applications, features the most powerful, flexible I/O technology ever.

G-RAID with Thunderbolt
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G-RAID with
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G-RAID 7 Removeable
USB 3 Solution with Enterprise Class Drives

G-RAID ? A high-performance removable dual-drive storage system. Configurable in RAID 0, RAID 1, or JBOD, G-RAID features USB 3.0, eSATA, and FireWire for ultimate flexibility. G-RAID ships with two removable 7200RPM hard drives up to 12TB, c mplete in an all-aluminum enclosure.

Starting at $449.95

G-RAID Studio
Removeable Thunderbolt 2 Solution with Enterprise Drives

G-RAID Studio ? A high-performance Thunderbolt 2 storage system with hardware RAID. Configurable in RAID 0, RAID 1, or JBOD, G-RAID Studio features Thunderbolt 2 technology for ultimate speed. G-RAID Studio ships with two removable 7200RPM hard drives for total capacities up to 12TB, complete in a solid black enclosure.

Starting at $699.95

NewBlue Complete
For Avid

A powerful collection of effects and transitions carefully selected to elevate the Avid experience and improve your workflow. Discover the endless possibilities with over 700 design presets and more than 55 plugins including ColorFast, Film Effects, Light Blends, Motion Blends, Stabilizer & Video Essentials I, IV & V


Boris Continuum Complete 9 AVX
for Avid

Boris Continuum Complete AVX delivers the most comprehensive VFX plug-in suite ever created for Macintosh and Windows versions of Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony, and Avid NewsCutter.


iZotope RX4 Audio Repair & Enhancement

iZotope's award-winning RX is the industry standard for audio repair and enhancement, fixing common audio problems like noises, distortions, and inconsistent recordings. USe it as a stand-alone app or as a plug-in to Media Composer for dialog and sound improvements, and noise reduction to all of your video footage.


avid-authorized-training.png Recommends FMC Training for Avid Media Composer [ Software

FMC Training offers multi-day, in-classroom training courses to hel you achieve confidence, creativity, and efficiency with Avid Media Composer, the non-linear film/video editing application used in most movie and television productions. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses are available now at FMC Training Centers all across the country!

3 courses to choose from starting at $1,420.25

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