AV Over IP is Revolutionizing Videoconferencing/Broadcast Technology

Av technology and video over IP has made live streaming and broadcasting easier than ever, giving more and more people a voice. Artists now have yet another medium at their disposal to share their work.

Broadcasting has grown rapidly over the last 18 months with video conferencing and live streaming taking the forefront in the landscape as people across the globe found themselves quarantined but needing to carry on communication.  

This means that common people are now familiar with live streaming and video conferencing technology.  Even artists who are not tech savvy can now access this technology in order to share their art with a much wider audience- everyone is a broadcaster. 

"The areas of “audio visual,” “videoconferencing,” and “broadcast” have traditionally been viewed and deployed as their own silos. Today these elements have, in many ways, become a singular environment. United through two major factors – the wider adoption of AV-over-IP and software defined deployments – these three offerings now work in lockstep to offer more robust, impressive, and creative AV and videoconferencing deployments."

Check out this article from my techdecisions.com to learn more from their case study. 

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