Avid CEO Jeff Rosica talks NAB and new Media Composer features

Curious about what's new in Avid's Media Composer? Read this interview with Avid's new CEO and find out what's new and what is up and coming for the their NLE video editing software. Read on for details: From ProVideoCoalition.com what's new media composerWhile I hated missing out on the Avid keynote the Saturday before NAB began, I knew I had another chance to heard Avid’s new CEO Jeff Rosisca speak … when I sat down to interview him on Tuesday of the show. I didn’t think I would get to do this interview as I requested it the week before NAB and I know that’s a busy time for and CEO, the week before the biggest trade show of the year. But a Twitter message to Jeff was returned promptly and the interview was setup. But before we get to that …

What’s coming next for Avid Media Composer

I heard that Avid showed some technology previews of new features coming to Media Composer at the Avid Connect event. These were future updates and not the ones included in the 2018.4.0 release that dropped during the show. This preview included some long asked for feature updates that I was eager to see so I made my way to Avid’s booth on the show floor for a demo and some pictures. Here’s a few of those upcoming features that I like to assume will come sooner rather than later. At least I think they’ll come sooner since they are in a working build of Media Composer as opposed to a slide in an Avid Customer Association vote recap. The ability to change a multicam / group clip after creation This will be a huge thing for multicam and reality show editors and assistants. MC had never let you change the group after you make a group clip. Forget an angle? Re-group it. Miss the sync? Re-sync it. The implementation I saw of this new feature will allow you to drag a grouped clip into the RECORDmonitor which will then open that group into the timeline, angles stacked onto video tracks in a sync map....read more

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