Avid DNxHR: The 4K Codec to Rule Them All

Find out why this studio decided to switch to Avid's DNxHR codec family after relying on ProRes for their workflow. For starters, DNxHR is made for 4K.

As we relied heavily on ProRes for our editing, color grading and finishing, we had to rethink our workflow. The main reason was the lack of support for ProRes on Windows PC. The problem is that none of the majors NLEs, color grading software or compositors available on PC have support for ProRes export. Most of them will read ProRes but not a single one will be able to export a ProRes movie. This means no ProRes proxies for raw footage, no ProRes export from the color grading suite for the online and no ProRes masters for the clients. This really was a problem for us. Until we discovered DNxHR....

...For all those reasons, we will now use DNxHR for our dailies, intermediates, renders and masters. It gives us a more streamlined streamlined workflows with less variables. And since we work on all our projects hand-in-hand with our client, this decision will accelerates the transfers, the technical discussions and make every steps more efficient....[continue reading]

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