Avid Edit On Demand Takes Your Collaborative Workflows to the Cloud

Avid Edit On Demand allows editors to work from anywhere without losing access to essential tools. This is specifically important in todays culture where social distancing is required to keep us safe. It's hard to have everyone in the same edit suite while keeping those safety protocols in place. Editors can also save time and money on commuting to the office and do everything in the comfort of their own home setup. Avid Edit On Demand makes this all possible! 

Many were skeptical about work from home, wondering if things will slow down, if you will be limited to resources and if you'll be able to succeed at the job. With Avid Edit On Demand there is no need to question these things. 

"It is a familiar collaborative Avid workflow with project sharing and bin locking—it just happens to be in the cloud. It's the award-winning Media Composer with the industry leading Avid NEXIS high performance storage, which is as responsive as the work you would do when editing with a machine under the desk and the storage in the server room next door."

 Avid Edit On Demand expands all editors possibilities and lets you work together from afar as if you were all together in the same room. 

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