Avid FAQ: 10 Facts About Avid Shared Storage

2014-06-20_ISIS-2500-Nearline-Storage-ISIS-4-7-Software-Now-Available_1280x720Avid ISIS storage is the gold standard by which all other shared storage solutions for video editing are judged. While Videoguys doesn't sell ISIS, we believe that affordable shared storage solutions will be a major new prodcut category over the next year. Videoguys now offers shared storage solutions from ProMax, Tiger Technologies and ExaSan. This article offers some great insight into Avid ISIS and shared storage.
Avid Blog by Gary Green As we approach the 10th anniversary of Avid’s ISIS storage product line (Unity ISIS first shipped in Q3 of 2005), it is amazing to reflect on our journey. The range and amount of content that has been created and stored on an Avid shared storage system is incredible and inspiring—from movies to television shows, documentaries, streamed media, sporting events and news programs. Over the years, the Avid engineering team has worked hard driving new, innovative and industry leading capabilities. As a result, ISIS is as relevant as ever with a remarkable number of media organizations depending upon their ISIS storage systems as a comforting and critical component of their work environments. read more...

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