Avid Introduces S1 & S4 Compact and Affordable Audio Control Surfaces

At Avid Connect Nashville, Avid unveiled two new audio control surfaces. The new Avid S1 and S4 promise to provide the most compact solutions on the market- at the right price.

Check out this video from Avid on the new control surfaces below.

“The Avid S4 and S1 control surfaces open up a world of capabilities never before possible for music mixers, smaller studios and educational facilities, answering our customers’ calls for the power, workflows and key functions of Pro Tools | S6 in more streamlined and affordable in-studio solutions, Avid control surface, software, audio I/O, and monitoring capabilities combine to create a professional system with control and flexibility at the user’s fingertips.”

Rob D’Amico, Director, Audio and Video Segment at Avid.

Mix Big in Any Space with Avid S1

The Avid S1 allows audio professionals hands- on speed, precision and software integration- which is necessary to create a better quality product. The mixes created by the S1 was better sounding, and created faster.

Whether you're mixing, monitoring or recording tracks, the S1 has you covered with comprehensive control and visual feedback.

Similar to the S6 and S4, the S1 is powered by EUCON. It also offers integration with Pro Tools and Media Composer.

There is also promise that users can scale the surface according to their needs- the product can grow with them.

Check out this article from Avid Covering the S1

Learn more about Avid HERE

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