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Recently, I saw an article posted on how a news station in Detroit is using Final Cut Pro X as its house editing system. A proponent commented about some of FCPX’s genuinely professional features that supported that shift, and a long-time Avid user commented underneath:

“Sounds like more bad FCP ideas like drag & drop mousey smart tool BS. Enough with the geeks reinventing the wheel. Editing is old school. Bins, Source Side, Record Side, in + out = Cut. Please stop trying to teach us old dogs new tricks. The kids can be happy with their advanced iMovie, leave us pros be.”

Yep, full-on Avid snobbery.

Cue the FCPX evangelists: See? What did we tell you?!? SEE HOW LAME AND STUPID AVID SNOBS ARE??? SEE??!??!?

Well, there’s a reason that the stereotype of the “Avid Snob” is so long lasting – because it’s so often completely true. Avid snobs are so often convinced of Avid being the only way… because they can’t stand the thought of learning new tools. And changing the way they do things, God forbid. (Full disclosure: while I do have an ancient version of FCP on my laptop, I cut on Avid for virtually anything I’m paid to edit.) read more...

Videoguys' Guide to Avid Media Composer | Software

Avid has now released the latest version (MC 8.0) in all the new licensing options. The key differentiators between the various flavors of licensing is the included 3rd party and Avid software.

New Avid editors have two choices on how they can purchase Media Composer. You can still own the software by purchasing a perpetual license at $1,250. This higher price includes you first year annual support contract as well. So if you purchase today, you would be eligible for any and all upgrades released for the next 12 months.

The new Avid Subscription plan is a fantastic value. For $569 you don't just get Avid Media Composer, you also get the Symphony option! The 3rd party software is much better as well. You also get a year of Avid support which entitles you to all upgrades and updates.

Finally, Avid has announced a new Floating License plan. You can purchase these as a pack of 20 or 50 licenses. Each pack also includes floating license server software which allows you to manage and deploy your seats as you wish. With a floating license server you can install Avid on as many machines as you like throughout your organization.


Avid Media Composer | Software Annual Support Plan Upgrade/Renewal

If you already own Media Composer and wish to upgrade to the latest version, maintaining your perpetual (no expiration) license, you can do so by signing up for a standard Avid Support plan for $285/year. This auto-renewable plan includes all software upgrades, updates, and standard support for one year from the date of purchase. There are no updates to 3rd party software but you may continue to use all software that you currently own.



Avid Media Composer
Annual Subscription

When you subscribe to Avid Media Composer | Software you get annual access to Media Composer with the Symphony Option, free upgrades and updates and a lot more. All subscription licenses include:

• Media Composer|Software
• Symphony Option
• NewBlue Titler Pro v2
• Boris Continuum Complete Lite
• Sorenson Squeeze (30-day trial)
• iZotope Insight (30-day Trial)
• Avid Standard Support (including all software updates)



Avid Media Composer | Software Perpetual License

Avid Media Composer | Software Perpetual License now includes a 1-year support plan that entitles you to free updates and upgrades during that period and with this license you own the software even if you do not continue to renew the support. The Perpetual License includes:

• Media Composer | Software perpetual license (never expires)
• NewBlue Titler Pro v1
• Sorenson Squeeze (30-day trial)
• iZotope Insight (30-day trial)
• One year of Avid Support (including software updates)


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