Avid Media Composer 2018.7 LIVE TIMELINE Quick review

Editing platforms are constantly competing with each other for supremacy in post production and the war rages on. The best way for these companies to stay ahead of the competition is to stay ahead of the trends. Avid Media Composer has taken a leap forward with their new LIVE TIMELINE feature which was featured at NAB 2018 earlier this year. Scott Simmons from ProVideo Coalition gives a quick five minute review of this new feature. Simmons admits in the first sentence of this article that five minutes isn't "nearly enough" to test out everything LIVE TIMELINE has to offer so do your due diligence and test out this feature as much as possible. From what we can see, it's not only helpful for all editors but also enjoyable for newer editors giving them more freedom as they learn the craft.

That’s a few observations I made this morning while playing around with the new Live Timeline in Media Composer 2018.7. That was a few more than 5 minutes but not an entire day so I’m sure there is more to discover as far as what is live and what isn’t. Overall it’s a nice first release of this new Live Timeline. I can’t fathom any reason why any Avid editor would every complain about this new feature addition but I’m sure someone will find a way.

Interestingly, when using the Show Entire Sequence (CMD+/) shortcut to zoom the Live Timeline doesn’t stop playback it just doesn’t work and the timeline doesn’t zoom at all. Neither does the Zoom into Region (CMD+M) shortcut so my guess is that anything that requires a modifier key while the timeline is playing back currently doesn’t operation when playback is going on....[continue reading].

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