Avid Media Composer 2019: Check Out What's in the Latest Update

Avid Media Composer 2019 has been a hot topic of conversation since it's release in 2019. And the talk keeps coming with the latest update to Avid's NLE.

The New Media composer is powerful, efficient, and best of all- easy to use. The latest build improves on the already impressive list of features Media Composer 2019 has to show.

Accelerated Performance

First and foremost, the new Media Composer update improves how it handles low memory operations. The editing experience is faster and more responsive- something early beta users had wanted improvement on.

Bin Left Lock

Bin Left Lock is the easiest way to navigate media across your bins. It allows users to "split" bins into two sides and "freeze" the left side at any point, while scrolling on the right.

Project Bin Container

The new update provides an easy way for users to organize and display bins. The sidebar displays project contents so users can tab and sub divide bins.

Wider Color Picker Access and Custom Color Options

Color coding is very important to a well organized project timeline. Avid's new color coding options make it easier to sort your clips at a glance.

Show Bin in Sidebar

Another nice feature within the new update is the visibility of your media. Things are much easier to find in their new place, including the bins place in the sidebar.

Better Timeline Button Layouts and Button Customization

Longtime Avid Users will notice that the Solo and Mute buttons have been moved. They are now side by side on the left side of the timeline.

Expanded AAF Report Capabilities

Editors will also enjoy better visibility for their edit points, effects and transitions. Now reports can be generated for AAF file imports.

To learn more about all of the updates new features, check out this post from the Avid Blog.

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